Point of Sale

We develop POS retail software that keeps the record of stock and sales. POS system is more than a basic cash register and stock maintenance. It is now the core management tool for any retail business. Our POS system is one that will run your business your way.

Key Features of Our Point Of Sale Solution are:

Stock Management

Stock is investment and we make sure that you have an exact control on it. You can easily control and quickly manage the products with distinct barcodes, product name, Stock Keeping Unit, etc. We make it easy to search products by barcode scan and product name instantly. You can easily get quick stock report; audit your stock, filter stock by category, supplier and other parameters.

Billing/ Invoice

It is easy to generate bill/invoice by products barcode scan. Customer information can be captured and searched instantly. Moreover, you can capture taxes, mention discounts, notes or remarks and many more.

Backup & Restore

Data is essential for a business. You can schedule an automatic or daily backup of your data wherever and whenever you want. You can also store backup on external media. Backup file names include the date and time so that you can restore it easily.

Authentication & Authorization

Our software can restrict unauthenticated users to access it. It also limits access of your employees according to their role in different sections of the software. As an administrator you can control your staff activity & access all sections of the software that you would not want them to view.


Our software provides a wide range of reports on Stock, Supplier, Customer, Payments, Pending Invoice/Bill, Sales, Products and Tax. You can export all report data within an adjustable date range to Excel or Pdf.


Automatic transaction processing based on sales and inventory. Any information of a transaction(date, amount, client info, product details etc.) can be easily accessed.